Meat Selection with entrée. Entrée served with a side of rice.

E38. Gaeng Dang Gai/Nuea (Red Curry) *
Chicken or beef, coconut milk, red curry paste bamboo shoots, bell peppers, and basil leaves.

E39. Gaeng Massamun (Massamun Curry) *
Chicken or beef, coconut milk with massaman curry paste, roasted peanuts and potatoes.

E40. Gaeng Khiao Waan (Green Curry) *
Chicken, beef, or shrimp in coconut milk, green curry paste, zucchini, peas, and basil leaves.

E41. Panang Gai or Neau (Panang Curry) *
Chicken or beef, simmered in coconut milk, panang curry paste, lime leaves, roasted peanuts, basil leaves, and Thai chilies.

E42. Gaeng Ped Pak Curry *
Choice of meat with combination of vegetables in coconut milk and red curry.

E43. Rama Thai *
Choice of meat with peanut curry sauce and coconut milk.
Serve on top of brocolli.